About Gracie

After majoring in art I moved to Spain to curate an art gallery moonlighting local artists. While meeting with these artists I dived into their rich food culture offering juicy red wines and paellas that could easily take over the round of a table. It’s here, on rooftop restaurants, in jam-packed tapa bars, and through the steam pouring out from my own little oven, that I decided this, this is what I want to do, and when I took the leap to hone in on another medium—food.

I studied culinary arts in a little known food mecca in California where I was surrounded by wineries, farms, and people who liked to eat and eat well. It was there that I embraced the new gastroscape and quenched my appetite as I began creating beautiful edible works of art. The flours, spices, and buttercreams have found their place on my palette, offering a new medium of ingredients to experiment with. It's always been my nature to highlight the beauty in real ingredients, all while keeping things simple in choosing from a repertoire of natures most wholesome harvest.

Inspired by its young entrepreneurs, I wrapped up my chapter on the West Coast and moved to Bozeman to continue cooking and start Milk & Honey. I dreamt it would be a way to make your cake wishes come true, and to celebrate those momentous occasions with sweet layers of cake.